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Handmade, custom jewelry inspired by fandom, mythology, romance and art.

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Thanks to Google translate, I can disappoint buyers from across the world, when I semi-accurately inform them that ‘No your shipment won’t arrive in one week when you purchased it yesterday’.

Planning new fandom jewelry in the near future!

Things to expect:

  • MORE fine jewelry
  • That means crystals, sterling silver, gold, MORE crystals, wire wrapping, and beaded things.
  • More variety!
  • Different fandoms we haven’t touched yet!

Have a fandom you want to rep but haven’t seen jewelry for yet?

Shoot us a message, and let us make you something beautiful.

New Fandom art coming soon! 

New Fandom art coming soon! 

Anonymous asked: Your Meg test looks kickass! As does the damn accurate necklace!


Thank you! And for anyone interested in that Meg Masters necklace, flylikehermes has a beautiful listing right here! (A much more reasonable option for people who don’t wanna go hunt down every darn piece of the necklace and try their luck at jewelry making.)


Thank you :D


"I’m with you, ‘til the end of the line."

Newest fandom cuff from FlyLikeHermes! This cuff shows off your love of the most adorable heart-of-gold out there and his best friend, who isn’t nearly as chilly as his alternate-brain-washed persona would suggest.

Do you fondue?


Today’s design is Damnit Cas, a Castiel themed charm necklace.  It’s available for $19 USD.

Love the design but aren’t really a jewelry person?  I’m happy to turn it into a charm keychain or a bag clip for you.  Stop on by Mazikeen Studios on Etsy, send me a custom order request, and I’ll slap these awesome pendants on a key ring just for you!

While you’re there, feel free to take a look around and see our other Supernatural  jewelry.  Multi-fandom blogger?  No problem; we have designs for SherlockDoctor Who, and other fandoms too.

Super cute jewelry from another fandom jewelry artist :D

(via mazikeenstudios)